Creating a Painless On-Site Gift Experience

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On-Site Gift Experience

Your company has had a banner year, and you’re planning an event for the top 500 contributors to that growth. Now, in the thick of planning travel, accommodations, meals, speakers, and seminars, you’ve been tasked with arranging an on-site gift experience.

We know. We’ve been there. That’s how the wet paint group launched – we were event planners looking to give our clients the most thorough gift experience. We wanted to bring a unique gift and a memorable experience for everyone involved.

We combined more than two decades of experience with uncommon, unforgettable partners to deliver an out-of-the-ordinary addition to your event. Our multi-layer approach covers each stage of the amenity experience, freeing you up to focus on planning an amazing event.

  • Turn-key Approach: From set-up to tear-down, we’ve got you covered. You let us know the details of your event, and we will arrive with an organized, attractive booth, your choice of incentives, and top-notch staff who will help your attendees find the perfect product. They’ll take their gift home with them, we’ll handle all of the inventory, reporting and booth logistics, and you’ll deliver an immersive and enjoyable experience.
  • Professional Support: We will meet you at your current planning stage. Our partnerships with top-level companies will bring your clients and employees a gift everyone will love.
  • One-of-a-Kind Partnerships: Our signature partnership is with Revo sunglasses, and three tiers of pricing make these exclusive sunglasses affordable for companies of all sizes. Once you pick the styles you want to offer at the event, we’ll handle the rest. From signage and fitting to staffing and wrap-up, Wet Paint Group has your experience covered
  • Charitable Component: Through Revo sunglasses, we are able to donate $10 from every pair of sunglasses to the Brien Holden Vision Institute, a non-profit dedicated to ending preventable blindness.

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