Why a Give-Back is a Key Element for Your Next Event

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One often overlooked stage of major event planning is the corporate social responsibility arm. We know how important it is to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind event that attendees will never forget. Companies want to show their friends, staff, and stars how much they appreciate and care about them.

At the same time, though, companies want to show how much they care about others. This takes their event to another level, moving from not only improving the corporate culture, but the community and societal culture as a whole. Some companies have a set philanthropic focus; most, though, find themselves scrambling at the last minute to determine how their company will meet these CSR expectations.

As event planners and marketers ourselves, we’ve seen event planners have to rush to organize morning-long on-site service retreats, identify local charities that could benefit from service, or find a way to tie in a CSR component to an already planned program segment.

That’s one reason the wet paint group partnership with Revo is revolutionizing on-site amenity experiences. Revo has teamed up with Bono and the Brien Holden Vision Institute to work together to eliminate avoidable blindness and vision impairment.

Through the company’s “Buy Vision, Give Sight” initiative, $10 from the sale of every pair of Revo sunglasses will be donated to help pay for and build basic eye care services in target communities. These services include eye tests and prescription glasses, as well as training to provide eye care and detect eye diseases. The long-term goal is to provide these services to five million individuals by 2020.

When you choose to incorporate our turn-key Revo sunglasses experience, you’ll not only get high-quality sunglasses, hands-on service from trained professionals, and a single point of contact for the entire amenity experience, but also a significant CSR component that will make a direct impact on many individuals. For each pair of sunglasses sold at your event, Revo will donate $10 to “Buy Vision, Give Sight.”

As the exclusive amenity partner of Revo, we are the only team that has built an impactful charitable component into its amenity experience solution, using your vision to bring sight to others.

Watch the Buy Vision Give Sight video here:

Buy Vision Give Sight








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