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Our signature Amenity Experience features the original performance sunglasses–Revo. When incentive winners and top executives are rewarded with Revo, their experience will be unlike anything they’ve seen in the past.   The wet paint + Revo partnership brings an immersive and boutique-style approach attendees want, combined with a powerful CSR component and celebrity appeal.  Contact wet paint group today, and let us deliver the Amenity Experience you’ve been searching for.

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    We’re the Amenity Experience that’s setting a new standard in the Incentive Travel Industry. Revo is a fresh and meaningful gift option for your guests, at any event, anywhere in the world. It’s an edgy and immersive gift-selection boutique, fully staffed by our team, where your guests get to select their favorite style from a collection of 10-14 personally curated frames. We call it an “Event Within Your Event”, and our clients and their guests feel valued and appreciated after receiving Revo as their gift.

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    When you bring the Revo Experience to your event, we include everything. You personally create your special collection of styles for your guests to choose from on-site. During a designated time period at your event, each attendee will receive a pair of premium quality sunglasses (retail price over $249 each), and a “shopping” experience they’ll never forget. We cover our team’s travel expenses, to and from the event, and all of the set-up, inventory, and shipping. No hidden or surprise charges, because it’s just not the way we do biz.

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    We’ll accompany your group to any destination, anywhere in the world. From Mexico to the Caribbean, and Europe to South America, we’ve helped a wide variety of organizations with on-site gift experiences at locations throughout the world. We’d love to help you, too.

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    Why settle for repeating the same amenity gift option you’ve used in the past? Revo brings a fresh, new choice to the events industry, and guests will be thrilled to receive this valuable gift item. Revo is known as the Original Performance Sunglass, and is trusted by elite athletes and those who demand precision eyewear under extreme conditions.

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    Our team of highly-trained Brand Ambassadors staff every event, so you’ll receive a top-quality experience every single time. We have over 20 years experience in incentive travel and events, so we know what it takes to create a remarkable event.

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    When you bring the Revo Experience to your event, $10 per pair is automatically donated on your behalf to the Brien Holden Vision Institute. You’ll be making a significant contribution to creating permanent and sustainable eye care services throughout the world. No other Amenity Experience makes it easier to support such a powerful and impactful CSR initiative.

Learn more about the work of the Brien Holden Vision Institute.


The goal of the buy vision give sight initiative is to end preventable blindness throughout the world:

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Why Revo At Your Events?

pair2Why Settle For The Same Old Brands?
Event attendees are ready for new options and styles.  Revo provides just what you’ve been hoping for, with a sleek, boutique selection experience, tons of stylish frames, and a truly remarkable product.
RV Logo 300x100 w$10 per pair
Revo has teamed up with Bono and the Brien Holden Vision Institute to help prevent vision impairment and blindness in more than 5 million people by 2020. For every pair of sunglasses sold at your event, Revo donates $10 to Vision over Visibility to help end sight-threatening vision problems worldwide.
booth2We Make It Easy
At wet paint group, we specialize in creating unforgettable events.  And with our exclusive partnership with Revo, we’ll deliver premium sunglasses and a remarkable amenity experience, all rolled into one.  We’re no strangers to the event industry, and we know how to make you shine.