Everyone Needs a “Zach” in Their Life

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The story of how wpg was first introduced to Zachary Little is one worth sharing.

Flashback to about a year ago.

Zach Little was working at the CU Boulder booth at a Broncos football game when he met Doug, Founder of wet paint group. Zach noticed the Pop Socket on the back of Doug’s iPhone, and enthusiastically described how he wanted to work for that growing (Boulder-based!) company. Impressed by Zach’s enthusiasm and engaging demeanor, Doug recognized a potential wet paint group Brand Ambassador in Zach. After exchanging numbers, Zach first assumed Doug would help him make a connection at Pop Sockets. But instead, he heard: “Wait, I don’t want you to work for them, I want you to come work for me!”

Here at wet paint group, we feel very fortunate to have Zach as part of our wpg Brand Ambassador team! As you can probably gather from the photos, Zach is extremely outgoing and can light up an entire room with his lively personality and contagious smile. Fun fact: Zach was one of CU Boulder’s spirit mascots! Go Buffs!

Zach has been a strong asset to our wpg team from the very beginning. His role at wpg has evolved over the years–starting as an intern, Zach has worked his way up from being an intern to a brand ambassador and is now recognized as a lead wpg Brand Ambassador.

He continues to be a great example to our expanding wpg Brand Ambassador team! From traveling to Texas, Hawaii, Australia, Jamaica, and everywhere in-between, Zach has left a memorable impression at every event he has worked. He truly lives up to our motto, “Be Remarkable!”

Photo Credit: Chelsea Chorpenning

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