Push Play on Video Book Mailers

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Videos are one of the key components in content marketing. You’re sharing your story through an engaging, compelling medium. Sending videos, though, can be a challenge. E-mail or social media can be impersonal and a DVD or CD doesn’t bring the “wow” factor that will stand out from other pieces that your clients are getting.

A Video Book mailer, on the other hand, puts your message directly into your customer’s hands. This unique item lets you send your customers a fresh, compelling message in a cutting-edge, creative way.

Creating your Video Book mailer couldn’t be easier. Record your video, and upload the file to the Video Book mailer. You can even drag and drop the file. The cover and optional mailing box are completely customizable and give your customers a great first impression as soon as they open the package.

You’ll really get their attention when they open the front cover, though. Your message, or a personal message from your president, sales team, or board chair, will play automatically any time the cover is opened.

If you’re looking to stand out from the mountains of mail your recipients are receiving, Video Book mailers are the way to do so.

  • Interactive: Viewers do more than just open the cover; some options allow them to play, pause, and rewind the video with the included buttons.
  • Engaging: There’s no better way to catch your viewers’ attention than with a creative piece that allows them to be hands-on with the message.
  • Powerful branding: Your Video Book mailer will be the piece of mail that stands out from the rest and the piece that gets passed around the office. Some customers have said that their pieces have been shown to multiple coworkers, managers, and executive leaders. There’s no better way to produce a tangible and viral sales piece for your company.
  • Broad appeal: We all know each individual has their own learning style; a Video Book mailer appeals to everyone. For the people who like to read every word, you can print your marketing message on various parts of the packaging, as well as the front and inside cover. Those who prefer videos or audio messages will be able to hear and see your message, and tactile learners will have a physical piece that will stick with them long after flyers and brochures are thrown away.

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