Ready to Rock! It’s a Beautiful Day.

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“We do what we do because of the people we get to do it with.”Dana Chorpenning, President/CEO & Founder

Doug and Dana, wet paint group’s founders, rocked it out on back-to-back weekends at the U2 Joshua Tree Tour in Chicago and Miami. Aside from the lack of sleep and sore muscles from dancing all night long, Dana and Doug described both weekend experiences as being truly “magical.” They both cannot express sufficiently their gratitude for Revo providing this unforgettable experience. Not only are they extremely grateful for the strong partnership between wpg and Revo, but also for the other relationships wpg continues to build with clients because of Revo’s generosity. In Dana’s words: “We do what we do because of the people we get to do it with!”

Revo has partnered with U2 lead singer Bono to help promote their positive message of “Buy Vision, Give Sight.” What better person to represent Revo and their message than Bono, who suffered from glaucoma for 20 years. Donating $10 for every pair of sunglasses sold to The Brian Holden Vision Institute, Revo’s goal is to aid in preventing vision impairment and blindness in underserved communities around the world. From the beginning of wpg’s partnership with Revo, it has been our goal to positively contribute to their mission. In the past 2 years, we’ve sold over 100,000 frames- that’s worth singing about!

At wpg it is not just about the product, but also about the story that goes along with it. Our clients are linked to the story each time they hire us for their corporate gifting experience. Seeing Bono perform live created an impactful connection on both Doug and Dana, as well as their clients looking for a meaningful gifting experience. Dana stated, “What an incredible feeling it was to witness pure joy and raw emotions from our clients as they could barely contain their excitement during the concerts.”

Doug described both weekends as being a gift, explaining that it is very rare to have an opportunity to network and connect on a deeper level with clients outside of a corporate environment. It was a chance to get outside of the corporate culture and move, dance, sing and bond through music. Both weekends were spent eating great food, having great conversations, and listening to great music, which created an intimate environment to accelerate and grow relationships with clients, leaving everyone feeling as though they left with an extended family.

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