Sudara Punjammies: Gifting with Give-Back!

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In a world full of negativity and adversity, wet paint group’s overarching goal is to support and partner with brands that have a similar mission of bringing a positive change to our world. We pride ourselves on the fact that every amenity experience we offer is coupled with a powerful CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative. We like to call it Gifting with Give-Back.

Sudara is just one of the eight amenity experiences we offer with a built-in CSR initiative. Sudara was founded in 2006 by Shannon Keith after taking a trip to India and discovering how many women were sold into sex slavery. She was so moved from her trip that she decided to look for a way to keep women out of sex-trafficking. Sudara was founded to employ women from India to hand-sew loungewear pants, known as Punjammies, to provide them with a pathway to freedom from sex-trafficking. After Dana Chorpenning, President/CEO and Founder of wpg, was introduced to Sudara’s meaningful story and beautiful products, our PJ Bar experience came to life.

Everyone has a unique story to share, including the women in India who handstitch these vibrant patterned Punjammies to avoid or escape sex-trafficking. Fun fact: Each style of Punjammies is named by the woman who hand selected that specific patterned fabric. At each PJ Bar experience, Sudara provides matching patterned pins with a brief story of the woman who named that particular style of Punjammies. We encourage you to read about a few of their stories here:

Sudara is leaving a positive footprint in the world as they empower women and girls with their remarkable story and products. We feel very privileged to partner with such an inspiring company, and we plan to continue to share their story through our PJ Bar experience at corporate events around the world!

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